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Saturday, May 27th

Show Highlights:

  • Jason Hommel - Silver Stock Report
  • Trading Wizards: Bob Chapman, Gary Kaltbaum and Jack Chan return to explain the current weakness in precious metals and the stock market as well as their market forecasts.

Jason Hommel Bio: I was born in April, 1970. I grew up alpine ski racing in Lake Tahoe, California. In college I was on the alpine race team at the University of Colorado - Boulder. Lesson learned: hard work and study of your sport pays off with spectacular success.

I graduated in 1994 with a B.A. in Psychology. I was most interested in Sports Psychology and Business Psychology. My other interest was Philosophy.

In 1996-97, I was assistant manager of Healthy Habits Restaurant for a year and a half. Lesson learned: Be careful of who you work for. It's best to work for yourself.

In 1997-99, I started an online marketing business that was lucrative. Lessons learned: Targeted marketing & giving people what they want works best.

With enough money to take time off in 1998, I began personal & intensive Bible study using search engines and available online commentaries & concordances. I soon created over the next several years. I believe this site presents the most comprehensive discussion, and the best explanation and defense, of the pre-tribulation rapture to be found online. Lesson learned: Many people don't care at all about truth. They care far more about justifying their own beliefs and decisions. I also learned how to argue very well.

In 1999, I also began to study gold, silver, money, and the precious metals market including silver and gold stocks. Soon I began to work for my father, giving him investment advice and helping to manage his portfolio. It was slow going at first, as I was early to invest in silver and gold, (right at the beginning of the bottom of the gold market), but I managed to learn a lot about the industry and about investing in those first three years from 1999 to 2001.

From Jan 2002 to Dec. 2002, my investment picks (gold and silver stocks) were up an average of 153%. (Which, at the time, were DROOY, HMY GFI, SSRI, PAAS, & SIL)

I believe my bible study background gives me a unique perspective to help people in these critical times. In college, I know that they teach students the latest theories and explanations of the mind, space, and evolution. But science has abandoned God in the fields of astronomy, geology, & psychology. Better theories and explanations for observable phenomenon in the world and space can be found from Christian based scientists. And the best explanations for the condition of man come from the Bible, not the field of Psychology.

In business classes and economics courses it is the same. They teach the latest fashionable theories of the day, primarily trying to justify the current economic system which is based on frauds such as the paper dollar, fractional reserve banking, the futures markets, & derivatives. They have abandoned true knowledge that comes from the Bible, that man must use "just weights and measures" when conducting trade, and that unjust weights and measures are an abomination.

Today, silver (and other precious metal) investors have much in common with students of the Bible. Both are engaged in a diligent search for the truth about wealth.

The complete absence of major media coverage of silver and silver stocks in 2003, and even all through 2004, was shocking. My list of over 80 silver stocks gained an average of 314% for 2003 from Jan 1 to Dec. 31. Here's how I did on my best picks during 2003:

I bought shares of a tiny silver stock at $0.11 Cdn / share in June, 2003. By December, 2003 it traded at $1.73 Cdn / share, for a gain of 1473%! That stock was Canadian Zinc (CZN.TO).

I also bought shares of another silver stock, in which the owner had an aggressive plan to acquire more silver properties at distressed prices, at $0.55 US in June, 2003. By December, 2003, it traded at $10/share, for a gain of 1718%! That stock was Sterling Mining (SRLM.PK).

Another silver mine property co-owner walked away from his 10% interest in a silver property, due to low silver prices. His business partner with 90% interest soon owned everything! I was late in buying this one at about $1.50 in Jan, 2003. However, by December, 2003, it traded at $8.10/share, for a gain of 440%! That stock was Mines Management (MGN).

All of these companies acquired their silver properties from previous owners who failed to see the potential of owning a silver property.

2004 was a rough year. Silver stocks are, on average, down 10%. Some worse than others. But how did I do in 2004 on my top three holdings in my portfolio? I can't yet list the names, but here's a summary.
For my largest holding, I bought in a private placement at $1.25/share. By 2005, it was trading in a range from $4-6/share, not too bad--gains of several hundred percent.

For my second largest holding, I bought in a private placement at $.20/share. By 2005, it was trading in a range from $.70-.95, again, not bad--gains of several hundred percent.

For my third largest holding, I bought in a private placement at $1.00/share. It has traded as high as $3, and is very cheap again at $1.50 by Feb., 2005--especially since zinc prices have risen so much!

Interestingly enough, my top three holdings are also my best performers in my portfolio for all of 2004. But better than that, my top three holdings were, at one time, the very best performers of all 80 silver stocks on my list! I truly believe I've been blessed by God to achieve such an outstanding performance. I won't list what companies these are yet, because that information is currently reserved for paying subscribers who buy the "look at my portfolio".

Learn about buying these three stocks and benefit from my ongoing research in undervalued silver stocks. Learn from my experiences in my quest to create and maintain my own wealth. Which stocks do I think will be the next ones to move up ten fold or more? Which stocks do I own most of right now? Subscribe to my free silver stock report. On September 18th, 2004, I married my beautiful wife, Shanna. She is so dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and her family. She is such an inspiration. She works tirelessly, endlessly, taking care of 4 boys: 3 from her previous marriage, and me! Inspired by her example, I, in the fall of 2003, began working with at least 1/10th of her energy and dedication on this website for my readers.

Read what over 18,000 subscribers are reading
Each month, about 500-1000 more people subscribe to this silver stock report. Many readers tell me that they do not receive information this complete and up to date from paid newsletter subscriptions that cost up to $1000/year, and my info is FREE.

Silver stocks up 314%
Silver itself is up about 100% from a low of about $4.15 in 2003 to a high of about $8.40 in spring 2004. But silver stocks were up 314%! That's the leverage of stocks. Which stocks? Sign up!

Do not despair if you feel you do not understand money very well. Not many people do. It is a sad fact of the modern education system that they can teach kids to count and even do calculus, but they do not teach kids to balance a check book. They do not teach the power of compound interest (but leave that to the life insurance salesman). They do not teach the power of savings, nor do they teach the danger of debt at interest.

How did the Silver Stock Report begin?
I initially became an investor to manage family money and to insure that I would actually have an inheritance. Through that process, I started writing articles to share my knowledge online.

I currently earn a living in three ways.
First, I offer a monthly look at my personal portfolio via a monthly subscription. Do you want to know more precisely where my money is? Want to know which are my largest holdings? Want to know which silver stocks I most recently purchased last month? I'll tell you! The monthly "look at my portfolio" shows whether a stock is over 9%, or below, or below 6%, 3%, or 1%. I also discuss a few of the recent trades I've made.

Second, I earn finder's fees from private stock placements. What is a private placement? It's like an IPO (initial public offering), but it's not public, and the opportunities are generally only available to accredited and sophisticated investors. I have a small email list of people who are interested in these privately available opportunities. I make a "finder's fee" if they buy stock. Keep in mind that this is not a general solicitation for any company. You should already have a specialized knowledge of silver and silver stocks, and be an accredited and sophisticated investor (willing to certify that you either have a substantial income of over USD $250,000 per year, or have over USD $1,000,000 in assets) in order to participate.

Anyway, silver mining companies use the proceeds from private placements to buy silver properties, to explore for silver, to determine where to drill, to retrieve drill samples, to study the results, to determine if it is feasible to build a mine, and then to maintain a mining operation.

Finally, my biggest income generator is a rather large portfolio of physical silver and silver stocks. My portfolio goes up in value as silver goes up in price. The capital appreciation is orders of magnitude greater than the finder's fees and the subscriptions. So, perhaps years from now, I may be selling silver bullion and silver stocks directly. Today, I may buy and sell silver stocks at any time. When I do trade, however, I generally sell one silver stock for another, and remain fully invested in the silver sector.

Please note that I am not a bullion dealer. To get bullion, I suggest you contact your local dealer by looking one up in your local telephone book. I also suggest you pay in cash (or check), and take physical possession of your metal yourself. Later, if you want to place larger orders that your local dealer cannot fill right away, you might want to consider placing an order via the internet. For a very comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page about physical silver go to the Silver Is Wealth website and click on the FAQ link.

Where have I been published?
My online publishers include and, along with many other reputable sites. Some of my essays have also been translated into French and German. The aforementioned sites do not pay me to write articles. By publishing them, however, they help to educate others about money and the current monetary system.



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