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Saturday, July 1st

Show Highlights:

  • Pamela Aden from the Aden Forecast shares her thoughts on precious metals, investing and the economy. You won't want to miss Pamela's views on the cyclical nature of the precious metals market and why she is extremely bullish on gold and silver.
  • David Garofalo the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Agnico Eagle joins us. The Gold industry insider delves into the fundamentals behind the gold bull market. David is convinced that the uptrend in commodities is here to stay and discusses how his firm has positioned itself against a major threat facing mining firms today.
  • Bob Chapman tackles listeners questions and we discuss this weeks top market stories. Jack Chan and Bob Chapman are neck and neck in the GoldSeek Wizards ETF contest.

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Mary Anne and Pamela Aden

The Aden Forecast is one of the most influential investment publications in the world today. Its easy to understand format and powerful advice has consistently produced double-digit profits for subscribers in 18 out of the past 21 years… That's an 85% batting average, one of the best and most consistent long-term track records in the business.

Specializes in all major markets
The Aden Forecast is a monthly 12-page investment letter, written by Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, specializing in the U.S. stock market, mutual funds, U.S. interest rates and bonds, the international stock and bond markets, the foreign exchange and precious metals markets.

Cutting edge information
Each issue walks you through what's happening in the markets and how to profit from what's happening. It provides subscribers with objective forecasts and concise, powerful recommendations of where and how to invest to take advantage of current developments. The Aden Forecast consistently provides cutting edge information. It puts it all together as no other publication does.

Extensive research facility
The Adens have an extensive research facility. Assisted by computer systems, developed to their own specifications, they chase down profits through a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. The accuracy of their forecasts is no fluke - but instead, the logical result of the Adens hard work, combined with years of study and trading experience.

Their "Early Warning " technical system employs a wide array of timing models and it has been tested and perfected for over 20 years. The Aden Forecast is widely known for its unique, original technical research, leading market indicators, market correlations, cycles and historical market research. Their charts and indicators are simply the best on the market today. Once you become acquainted with their system, you'll see how accurate and rewarding their techniques are.

International perspective
The world markets are inter-related, more so than at any time in history and being based in Costa Rica gives the Adens an international perspective on world markets that many U.S. based financial analysts lack. More than just advice and recommendations, you'll also learn a lot.

Early warnings
In recent years, deciding how to invest for profits without excessive risk has been difficult for even the most experienced investors. With The Aden Forecast the task is made easier. In its pages you receive "early warnings" about profits to be made in the major U.S. and world markets. Equally important, you are warned of major declines to avoid losses.

Concise recommendations
Successful investing will never be effortless, but with The Aden Forecast, the path is clearly marked. In today's global markets you need a team like the one at Aden Research to help you thoroughly examine developing trends… searching for the big market moves, both up and down, and then to give you concise recommendations as to how and where to invest to take advantage of these moves.

At a time when investors are struggling with whipsaw markets and conflicting market views, the Adens help their subscribers see clearly and take advantage of new trends as they emerge.

For more information, go to


David Garofalo, C.A.
Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Garofalo, has held this position since January 1, 1999, prior to which he served as Treasurer from 1998. Before joining Agnico-Eagle, Mr. Garofalo served as Treasurer of Inmet Mining Corporation, an international mining company. Mr. Garofalo is a graduate of the University of Toronto (B.Comm.).


We have set out to build a company that focuses on quality, growth and a strong financial position, while maintaining a safe workplace for employees, and retaining full leverage to gold prices.

Agnico-Eagle will create value for shareholders by growing gold production in regions of the world that are consistent with its goal of maintaining a low political risk profile. The company anticipates operating in several multi-mine gold camps globally, while continuing to act in an environmentally friendly manner.

Agnico-Eagle is an international growth company focused on gold, with operations in Canada and advanced-stage projects and opportunities in Canada, Mexico, Finland and the U.S.A. Our LaRonde mine in Quebec is Canada's largest gold deposit in terms of reserves. The mine generates strong earnings and cash flows, and is an excellent foundation for Agnico-Eagle's international expansion.


CEO, Sean Boyd interview, Dec 2005

The company's operating history includes more than 30 years of continuous gold production primarily from underground operations. Since its amalgamation in 1972, Agnico-Eagle has produced over 4.0 million ounces of gold. We are one of the lowest total cash cost producers in the North American gold mining industry.

Agnico-Eagle has traditionally sold all of its production at the spot price of gold, in keeping with a policy of not selling forward future gold production. This policy enables shareholders to participate fully in rising precious metal prices.


Our strategy is to build a multi-mine platform from our strong foundation in the Abitibi region of Quebec. We have created a dominant land position around the LaRonde mine, with numerous properties at different stages of development, running along the gold-rich Cadillac-Bousquet belt. This unparalleled strategic concentration provides Agnico-Eagle with reserves of 10.4 million ounces at December 31, 2005.

We are currently constructing the Goldex mine near LaRonde. Gold production is expected in 2008. In addition, we are well underway with shaft sinking at the nearby Lapa deposit with gold production also expected in 2008.

Beyond Canada, we have advanced-stage projects and opportunities in Finland, Mexico and the United States.

Agnico-Eagle is proud to have paid a cash dividend to its shareholders for 26 consecutive years.

Stock Info

Agnico-Eagle's shares are listed on The New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AEM. The shares also trade on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Entry Standard under the symbol AE9 (WKN: 860325). The shares trade actively, with total daily volume frequently over 2 million shares. Company shares are held approximately 40% by individuals and 60% by institutions, primarily in North America. The ISIN number is CA0084741085.

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