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Saturday, July 8th

Show Highlights:

  • Doug Casey tells listeners why he thinks gold is going to reach $3,000-$5,000. Doug is selling all of his US real estate and reveals the hottest place to buy a home at the best value. He is concerned about the domestic political environment and insists that Americans must move assets outside of the US in the form of Precious metals.
  • Kal Gronvall returns to help listeners determine the safest and most profitable way to invest in gold bullion. Kal's intimate knowledge of the precious metals industry helps him steer his clients toward the best coin and bullion values. Listeners can call his toll free number provided on the air today.
  • Bob Chapman and I discuss Dr. Stephen Leebs current economic outlook. Dr. Leeb is the author of several excellent texts and has a spotless track record of economic forecasts. He predicted the tech stock crash in 1999 and the oil boom in 2004. We'll discuss his latest economic forecast from his new book, The Coming Economic Collapse. Dr. Leeb outlines the ideal investments to protect wealth as well as to profit from the coming financial storm.

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Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research, LLC

Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research, LLC., is a highly respected author, publisher and professional speculator who literally wrote the book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil: his book "Crisis Investing" became the best-selling financial book in history, remaining #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for a then-record 29 weeks...

Then Doug broke the record with his next book, "Strategic Investing", by receiving the largest advance ever paid for a financial book.

He has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including Donahue, Letterman, Charlie Rose, NBC News, and CNN and has been featured in numerous periodicals including People, US, Time, Forbes, the Washington Post, and many others.

Widely recognized for his skills in identifying high-return opportunities in precious metals and energy, in May of 2005 he was featured in an article on gold in the New York Times Sunday Magazine and in June of 2005 was the sole guest in a feature on uranium on National Public Radio's popular Marketplace program.

For over 27 years, Doug has written a newsletter and alert service for sophisticated investors and has been in demand as a featured speaker by conferences around the world.

Through its subscription-supported publications and web sites, each month Casey Research, LLC. serves the information needs of hundreds of thousands of self-directed investors interested in natural resources.

Doug, who also authored the best-selling International Man, lives the life described in that book by dividing his time between ranches in Aspen, Colorado and Wellington, New Zealand.

In his quest for exceptional investments, he travels around the globe to kick the rocks on mine sites and evaluate countries for possible real estate speculations. In 2005 alone, he traveled to Argentina, Colombia, Bulgaria, Dubai... and even Syria (where, despite the risk, there are some very prospective oil and gas initiatives underway).

Kal Gronvall

About me; and the scams in the coin industry

By trade I am a high school and college English teacher, having taught a total of 11 years. After finishing my Master's degree in 1993 I tried to get back into teaching, but there was such an excess of teachers I couldn't find a job. So, in the fall of 1997 I took a job with the largest gold coin company in the country located in Minneapolis. I worked for that company until just after 2000 turned over. Then I left that company to work for another gold coin company in Burnsville, Minnesota. While working for these two coin companies for a total of six years I got a pretty good handle on the gold coin business, and to my shock, I witnessed some of the lowest, most despicable acts I had ever seen in my life, as other gold brokers around me would lie to customers, misrepresent coins and make false claims about them, promise people impossible monetary gains if they bought certain coins, and the management went right along with it.

I decided to go on the radio and expose these scams in the coin industry I ended up on national radio talk shows doing just that. The biggest problem with the gold coin industry is the fact that it is unregulated. It is basically “buyer beware.” Whatever they can get away with they get away with. In late 1998, a talk show host asked me why I was speaking out against the coins that all the other companies were recommending. I simply told him that these companies sell certain coins because they bring huge profits, not for the customer, but for the coin company. The talk show host told me that many people from the listening audience had asked if I had anything in writing about the scams in the coin industry. I told him that I didn't but that I could put some of these things in writing. I started with 11 pages, then it grew to 17, then to 21, then to 26. I will soon be updating my paper. After I update it I will publish it as a book. I am offering this paper free of charge to anyone who calls and requests it. Now, a little about the paper.

Following are the services I provide:

The only paper in the country exposing the scams in the coin industry

Financial consulting at no charge or obligation

An honest evaluation of your financial ability to purchase precious metals -
I do turn people away whom I feel don't have the financial means to buy gold and silver

Free information package upon request (37 page information package)

I encourage you to copy my material and distribute it

I present a common sense approach to owing gold and silver

I advocate for you to take physical possession of your gold and silver

I sell gold & silver coins at a competitive price - I will not be under sold

I buy gold and silver coins

No minimum order

I do coin conversions or repositioning only if it benefits the customer

I have the fastest delivery system in the business (7 to 10 days)

Free shipping/insurance anywhere in the United States

To expedite the delivery process, I pay for overnight delivery of your payment to me

Complete privacy (your name is not entered into any database)

Customer references provided upon request

Free conference calling with others interested in purchasing

I don't have an 800 number, but just ask, and I will call you back when you call - I have unlimited minutes on my phone, so to call you back doesn't cost me more

A possibility that you could work for me if we are compatible

No high pressure sales tactics or fine print

I believe in education not intimidation - I used to be a teacher

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